by Rich Peterson

Tourism: Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism projects 52 million visitors in 2012. The Tourism Ministry expects a boost from interest in the end of the 13th b’ak’tun of the Mayan Long Count Calendar.  If the Ministry of Tourism is right, that would shatter the previous record of 22.6 million set in 2011.  Hopefully nobody’s too disappointed when the world doesn’t come to a cataclysmic end.

Energy: Mexico needs it, too. According to Reuters, the United States and Mexico have signed an agreement regarding deep sea oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico’s national oil company, Pemex, estimates that 58 percent of it’s potential oil resources are in deep water in the Gulf.

In better news, the Mexican Wind Energy Association has set a goal to generate 15 percent of Mexico’s electricity by 2020. If alternative energy is to really make a difference, it really has to be a worldwide effort. This is a positive sign, if not an official proclamation.

Deportes: Jose Canseco signs with the Tigers! The Quintana Roo Tigers! The 47 year-old slugger is more famous for a home run bouncing off of his head, defrauding a boxing promoter with his twin brother as an accomplice, and tattling on all the other juicers of the so-called “Steroid Era” than he is for his 1988 AL MVP award. Oh, to be in the bleachers in Quintana Roo hurling Spanish insults at the bum . . .

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Each time a cruise boat docks each passenger shore jaunt is designated as a “visit”. The number also suggests that day-trip border crossing is still a significant portion of total visits. Maybe I should add that what I wrote above is not intended as criticism at all but rather observation.

    Commerce stats in Tijuana and Ensenada claim total visits by tourists are down more than sixty percent from five years ago. Some of that decline is undoubtedly due to rampant press paranoia of Mexican violence, but I feel a lot of the decline has to be attributed to hard economic times in the US.

    Because of the “Americanization” of the border region, the practice of “Business Is Down / Time To Raise Prices” is less common than it used to be. Competition reigns and hotel and restaurant prices have again become a bargain. While I would be hesitant to visit the region south of Texas, anything west of The Lone Star State should be fine.

  2. Gene Freott says:

    I imagine you must have heard, but I haven’t seen anything on this site- or many others, actually- but nevertheless: Some rare good news from Mexico. The beach at Tenacatita, north of
    Melaque- Barra, which was seized almost 11/2 years ago by a wealthy
    Mexican developer after a long simmering land dispute with the local
    ejido. He said he had title, the ejido said no, they had title, signed
    by a then president, and had tax records as well. The developer-
    (whose last name is Villalobos- house of the wolves- can you believe
    it? ) – who wanted to build a luxury hotel complex, found a judge who
    agreed with him, and with the help of state police, he violently
    evicted all the people who lived there, or had palapa restaurants or
    stores. The buildings were bulldozed. He put up a fence around the
    land, patrolled by guards, in violation of Mexican law. This being a
    beautiful beach with great snorkeling, and with one of the few
    remaining free RV campgrounds, right on the beach. Well, it went to
    court, and, after much delay, in a series of legal decisions, it now
    looks like the developer has lost everything, and will have to return
    the beach back to the previous state! The judge who made the original
    decision was found to not have the legal authority to do so, and he-
    the wolf- has never paid taxes on the land he claimed to own. See
    Pacific Coast Forum, Melaque for more info. Gene

  3. Gene Freott says:

    Opps, sloppy editing: The beach at tenacatita,………, looks like it will return to the people. Gene