Noticias 5/16/2013

El Volcán – Popocatépetl, a volcano located about 55 kilometers from Mexico City, is erupting, prompting officials to restrict access in the area and to prepare for evacuations. We camped within view of Popo in calmer times on our trip.

Extraño – The grandson of Malcolm X, Malcolm Shabazz, was beaten to death in a Mexico City nightclub. Two waiters at the nightclub have been arrested for allegedly assaulting Shabazz and a friend when the two refused to pay a 15,000 peso tab for 12 beers.

¡Victoria! – Disney has decided not to trademark Dia de los Muertos. According to The Guardian, the entertainment behemoth “wanted exclusive domain for goods including ‘fruit-based snack foods’, ‘Christmas-tree ornaments and decorations’, ‘decorative magnets’, ‘non-medicated toiletries’ and ‘frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice’, as well as for education and entertainment purposes.”





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  1. churpa says:

    Re: Dia de los Muertos. Wow. Just wow.

  2. Tina Rosa says:

    The volcano erupted once back in 2002 or so while I was serving a Vipassana Meditation course in Tepotzlan. I was camped in my truck, and the teacher made me move inside to a bed in the building….I don’t know quite how that was going to protect me! We had drifting ash for days.

  3. -el codo- says:

    Walter is spinning in his grave.

    What’s Next?

    McDimwit Advertising Agency: “We Have Trademarked THE FOURTH OF JULY®”

    HasBeen Toys: CHRISTMAS® is a registered trademark

    But as far as two-faced Disney is concerned, they might wish for an utter cultural ripoff, but you still have to take the monorail to outside the park to get a cold beer.

    And then there are some Americans who think Mexico is nuts.

  4. Lorena says:

    Spectacular picture of the eruption. Thanks for the link to that picture. We’ve seen it smoking, but never with lava flowing down the slope.