Religion Pope Benedict visits Mexico at a time when the Church is struggling with scandal and an image problem in Mexico. Benedict is not nearly as popular as his predecessor, John Paul, who visited Latin America almost every year of his papacy. Benedict, in contrast, has only visited once before, a 2007 visit to Brazil.

Deportes – I was hoping this would turn into a bizarre telenovela that could entertain me throughout the summer, but Jose Canseco’s time with the Quintana Roo Tigers is already over. Canseco was suspended by the Mexican League after allegedly refusing to take a drug test. Canseco says he has a prescription for testosterone because his body doesn’t produce it naturally, and was advised by the club to skip the test.

Saludos – The Latin American Herald Tribune reports that Julio Gonzales Estrada, creator of the Tequila Don Julio, passed away at the age of 83. Among the first premium tequila brands, Don Julio helped popularize the spirit outside of Mexico.