New Film on Colosio Conspiracy

As the LA Times reports, a new film on the 1994 murder of Luis Donaldo Colosio explores multiple conspiracy theories, all of which cast the PRI in a bad light. The article’s author, Ken Ellingwod, notes:

“...the case has spawned a dizzying array of conspiracy theories and speculation over possible plotters, from cutthroat drug traffickers to members of Colosio’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, which ruled Mexico at the time. Some historians view the Colosio slaying as the blow that would propel the party, known as the PRI, to defeat in 2000 after seven decades of virtually unchallenged rule.”

He adds:

Though fictional, “Colosio” is unlikely to boost support for the party. It depicts the PRI-led government of the time as a snake pit of shadowy, Machiavellian figures, the kind of people who seem comfortable around suitcases full of money and just nasty enough to crush anyone in their way.




editor's note: special thanks to El Codo for the link.