Navy vet: live comfortably in Mexico?

Dave U. writes:

Hello, folks.

I’m glad I happened on your web site – or at least a site that allows communications with you.

I am a 65 year old retiree with total monthly pensions of $2750, including Navy, social security and a small VA disability.

Judging from your online articles I gather my retirement is enough for me alone to live comfortably most anywhere in Mexico.

My first question is whether that amount is sufficient for two to live comfortably (I understand that’s relative) should my currently separated wife decide she doesn’t want a separation to continue after all?.

Carl replies: Dave, you and your “ex” can definitely live quite comfortably in Mexico on $2750. In fact, if you don’t try to “live large” you could even have something left over at the end of the month. A lot depends, of course, on just where you live and what your definition of “comfortable” is. But, as I said, if you use restraint and keep the frills down, you should be able to manage virtually anywhere in the country on your income.

The second question is about my health insurance and probably not too difficult to answer if you have contact with military retirees there – or if you can put me in contact with them. I have Medicare part A with Tricare for Life acting as the supplement providing completely full coverage and am wondering what, if anything, I’ll need to change in my insurance coverage with a move to Mexico?

Your best bet on this question is to contact vets in Mexico yourself — and you can do that by using some of the good online discussion forums. I’m guessing from your questions that you haven’t yet read our book, The People’s Guide To Mexico, right? If not, you’re going to need it — and there are many suggestions in the For More Info chapter on how to contact people living in Mexico via the internet.

(I don’t have insurance so I can’t answer this question myself right now. Perhaps another reader will add a comment to this and help you out.)

And the third question is whether ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ is still prevalent and ongoing or does one soon acclimate?

Again, Dave, this is a major topic in The People’s Guide To Mexico so read the Staying Healthy chapter … follow our suggestions and you’ll be fine.

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  1. Don Humphrey says:

    Here is a list of message boards of Mexico that you can post on to find out about different parts of Mexico and maybe give you an idea where you might want to live down here.
    Don Humphrey

  2. Jim says:

    Dave, I am a veteran and a AmLegionaire. There are many Legion posts in Mexico and I suggest that you contact one of them. Although I am not in Mexico I am an expatriate member of Legion post #7 in Chapala and they have quite a library as well as a good facility. In fact after entering you’d think you were in any NCO club anywhere. Feel free to contat me at but please, please identify “Legion” in the subject as if I don’t recognize it I don’t open it.

  3. Bill Snow says:

    How does one go about buying furniture in Guadalajara, are shopping guides avaliable and at what cost. Thanks Bill


    Go to the bottom of The People’s Guide To Mexico home page.  You will see a Google search box.  Search our site using the word “furniture” and you should find what you need.  Here’s the URL:


  4. MartyV says:

    Medicare will not cover you outside of the U.S.