Motorcycle In Mexico?

Hi I want to make a trip on the toll roads down to Mexico City from Phoenix at the end of March in a motorcycle by myself. I grew up In Mexico City and know the central area and peninsula of Mexico quite well. Even though I am Mexican, you have more experience than I do traveling to Mexico; therefore I am asking you for adviceand also have not traveled from North to South by land never.

I am meeting friends and family in both Cuernavaca and Mexico City, ….. I speak the language so that is not the problem… I have always traveled by plane when going down there, but did a lot of road trips as a family when younger but never alone and in a motorcycle.

I understand I would drive during the day only, and staying on toll roads always.

Do you think it might be not safe doing it by myself… back and forth?

Do you have any tips for me?

Thank you,  Ricardo B.

Carl replies: Since you have the good fortune to already speak Spanish and presumably understand how to handle yourself in Mexico, I have very little advice to offer beyond what I’ve written in our book, which is quite extensive.  (Look for the People’s Guide to Mexico in your local library or better yet, buy a copy!)

One caution:  if you’re riding a bike that attracts attention I’d carry some kind of cover for it, to conceal it better at night from the curious.  You might even use an old tarp with bungee cords — something simple and not at all flashy.  Also, motorcyclists often park their bikes overnight in the patio of a hotel.  Do you have a serious lock?  If you haven’t seen them before, consider something like a Kryptonite New York Fuggedaboutit lock. I actually have this same lock for my bicycle (my bike is worth more than our car).

Again, I can’t think of anything else that isn’t covered in detail in the chapter on driving in our book.

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  1. Donald Spinelli says:

    Carl?, I have your book and want to ask you some questions about central, colonial Mexico (SMA, Guan, SLP, Aguas, etc.). How do I make contact w/you?

    • Carl Franz says:

      Donald… you can email me: 2mexico (at) or better yet, register on this blog and post your questions so that others can also reply. I don’t have the time to answer every question I get about Mexico so I use this Talk About Mexico blog as a way of getting help from others. We have some serious Mexico experts as members here, so take advantage of their experience. Also, when I’m away they are your best chance of getting a quick reply.

  2. mike lin says:

    Locking oil filler cap

    Somebody peed in my engine. Goodbye one turbocharged 650 Yamaha. Not sure if I pissed somebody off or if it was just a prank, but it totaled the bike. Locking caps are cheap…

    Also- the back roads are WAY more interesting…
    And: always stay in places where you can pull the bike inside at night.