Maps For Mexico by Mark Walker

Each year GPS maps are updated and the same is true for the GPS maps available for Mexico. The Mexico GPS Atlas and the City Navigator Mexico NT are the two products that are in the widest use.

For basic road travel and ease of use, the City Navigator Mexico NT is recommended. It comes preloaded on a data card which is inserted in your GPS receiver. No further programming is needed. It is compatible with the entire Nuvi line of GPS receivers manufactured by Garmin. These are the most common type of GPS receiver. Compatibility is not limited to the Nuvi models though. Most of the handheld hiking receivers made by Garmin accept data cards as well. A new version is released each year with an expanded data base of businesses and services throughout Mexico as well as the entire road system and city streets for Mexico. $49.99 here.

The Mexico GPS Atlas is a topographic GPS map for Mexico. If you are planning on going off of the paved roads to lesser known points such as surfing or fishing spots along Mexico’s coasts or small villages off of the paved roads, this is the perfect solution for you. The map is available as a download and is viewable on your computer. An SD Card Service is also available so that you can receive the Mexico GPS Atlas on a data card already unlocked for your receiver. The map contains all of the roads and city street mapping for the entire country of Mexico as well as topography. $49.50 here.

For further information contact Mark Walker at Mexico Maps.