Mobile Clinic for expats, part and full time visitors to start in Sonora

Hello, my name is John Diaz. I am deeply involved in the medical community here in Hermosillo.  Last year I thought of idea to have a mobile clinic here in Sonora for seaside towns to give basic medical care and testing with English speaking certified doctors from Hermosillo at no or very little cost to our part and full time visitors. Like any idea, it was just and idea. Early this year a heard about a couple that went back to Northern California because the husband wasn’t feeling too good. When they got back home they found out it was really nothing, thus ending the time that they love to spend on the sea of cortes. When I heard about this, I said to myself “ok that’s it” I must go ahead with the mobile clinic. I spoke with several specialists in Hermosillo that thought it was a great idea, and told me to continue. Which brings me to to you. I would like to know how we can take the next step and make this clinic a reality. Being in its initial stages, input from you would be great. I have a little write up on my website in “giving back”. Please let me know your thoughts.

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