Missing Tenacatita…

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    I and a lot of other folks feel your nostalgia…

    Remember the four “pads” on the other side of the hill? I camped there for five months in the early eighties. A converted school bus with an Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (scenic cruiser) roof grafted atop the bus pulled into the camp besides mine. A few hours later “Bear” and “Minnie” were seated at my campfire wolfing down plate after plate of my famous spaghetti with clam sauce. Bear asked me if I could help him with an “assembly project” the next day and I volunteered.

    The “assembly project” turned out to be the mounting and calibration of an twelve-inch reflector telescope onto a massive bamboo and aluminum tripod that the couple had had made for them in Thailand. The telescope barrel was about seven feet in length. Bear had all the gizmos needed for astro-photography: Sun filters, lens magnifiers, an entire steamer trunk of accessories. His bus had a pole crane on one rear corner to help lift the telescope onto its mounting. While we were engaged in this risky activity he went on to explain that he had with his own two hands, hand-ground the mirror. It had taken him more than a year!

    In some kind of a lucky fluke, Tenacatita was experiencing a winter cold snap. The dew came after sundown along with shivery temperatures. But the night air was crystal clear. Bear wielded that monster telescope like an old west gunfighter did with his .45! I soon lost track of all the heavenly bodies we gazed at. There were nebula’s, and galaxies. Mars was a definite orb but I couldn’t make out any “canals”. The view of the lunar surface was incredible. He played the telescope onto one region that he said was a landing site.

    One “penalty” I had to settle for, was that I couldn’t have an evening campfire because of the risk of soot landing on the telescope optics. But they had the telescope out for the better part of a week and I got a crick in my back from all the time I spent peering through the lens.

    Toward the last, a lot of folks from Rebalsito and the far end of the beach began to line up for a look see. The Mexicans especially the children were flabbergasted when they saw a far off galaxy.

    Tenacatita holds a lot of memories.

  2. Churpa says:

    You had me at spaghetti with clam sauce. This comment would be a great post in and of itself.