Election Heating Up

Mexico with Mexican flag.

Viva Mexico!

A fascinating article from The Washington Post about the corruption in Mexico’s school
system and how this could spell trouble for the ruling party.  There’s also a growing protest movement among Mexican university students who oppose the PRI candidate. Lopez Obrador just rose to second place, so this election is going to be a hot one.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    I find that similar to what is found in the USA, Mexico’s political strongholds are regional. The northern states and the Baja California peninsula are heavy PAN supporters (Baja California Sur however does have a sizeable PRD voting element).

    The extreme south and east seem to be PRI oriented. The most populous area, the center third of the country has a grand mix of PRD and PRI supporters.

    Of course the regions are far from being homogenous. While one party may dominate one area, it isn’t close to being a 100% majority. Even the strongly PANISTA Baja California has a sizable contingent of PRDistas and PRIistas.

    Like religion, and sex, the issue of politics can stir up unexpected emotional outbursts among macho males. Many Mexicans develop a rather sudden and strong disliking toward visitors who appear to be sticking their nose too deeply into Mexican politics, especially around election time.

    I like to play it safe and if a Mexican national asks me who I would prefer to see become president of La Republica, governor of the state or mayor, I reply “Whomever the Mexican voters feel would be best”. This answer has kept me out a lot of hot water.