Mexico Promotes Medical Tourism

An article in the online English newspaper The News (Mexico City) describes how Mexico intends to promote medical tourism.  Though their present focus is on hispanic communities I’m sure anyone interested in saving money on health care can take advantage of this program.

Medical Tourism In Mexico Set To Expand – Mexico

The federal Tourism Secretariat presented on Feb. 17 its new initiative to rejuvenate medical tourism in the country, expecting 650,000 visitors, who will spend $US50 million by 2020.
Secretary of Tourism Rodolfo Elizondo declared during a press conference on Wednesday that the project sought to enlist all private hospitals of international renown and create a specific offer that will be primarily promoted within hispanic communities in Texas and California.
Eight federal Secretaries will participate in the development of this strategy, Elizondo explained, focusing on the target population of hispanics living in the United States without health insurance. Elizondo acknowledged that the current debate on health care in the United States could be an obstacle to the promotion of the program; nevertheless, several thousands of persons living north of the border could be interested in the services that Mexico has to offer.

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