Mexico News Round-Up

By Felisa Churpa Rosa Rogers

Carl is on a rampage this week and has been inundating my inbox with interesting Mexico links. For instance….

Mexico Security Consultant Walter Mckay gives CBC News a rundown of current cartel hotspots and points out that the cartels aren’t really out for gringo blood. Mckay’s website provides interactive graphics with current data on murder rates in problem areas.

Residents propose a controversial solution to the recent crime wave in Ajijic. Should American expats pony up to help fight crime in Mexico? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. For more Tim Johnson, check out his blog.

Meanwhile, Robert Remmington points out that according to statistics, a Canadian is more likely to get murdered in Calgary than in Mexico. This reminds me of my dad, who always said the scariest part of going to Mexico was driving through LA. Of course, that was back in the good old days. That said, I didn’t feel threatened on my recent trip to Mexico, which included a stay in Mexico City and a foray into the wilds of Michoacan. More on that later.


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  1. Jeffrey O’Brien on January 14, 2012 12:29 PM NOW last year in Edmonton, where there is no drug war, over 40 Canadians were murdered. Add the murders in Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and tell me that even with a ‘drug war’ going on, that Canadians are less safe in Mexico or that they are being targeted. Huh…