Mexico Gas Price Update

The price of fuel in Mexico has increased as follows:

Magna, up 8.2% to 8.44 pesos/liter = $2.51 per gallon (peso at 12.72 per U.S. dollar on 14 August 2010)

Premium, up 3.9% to 9.94 pesos/liter = $2.96 per gallon

Diesel, up 7.8% to 8.80 pesos/liter = $2.62 per gallon

To calculate fuel prices I used the following formula:

divide 3.785 (liters) by today’s peso exchange rate (example: 12.72) and multiply this by the current price-per-liter (example: 8.44 pesos for Magna) to get:  $2.51 per gallon.

In other words: 3.785 divided by peso rate, then multiplied by price per liter.

Here’s another method, excerpted from the Driving chapter in the 13th edition of our book, The People’s Guide To Mexico.

Those of us who are easily boggled when trying to convert pesos-per-liter into dollars-per-gallon will rejoice at Codo’s Conversion.This relatively simple formula was suggested by David Eidell, an engineer and skilled number cruncher who is aptly nicknamed “El Codo” (Cheapskate). Using a small pocket calculator, David teaches math-challenged travelers how to quickly convert our metric gas purchases into familiar dollar-per-gallon amounts. Here’s how it works:

1. Turn on your calculator and enter the price of a liter of gasoline (shown on the pump).

2. Multiply the price by 4.

3. Multiply this result by 94.64 percent and. . .

4. Divide the result of Step 3 by the current peso/dollar exchange rate to get the price, in dollars, of one gallon of gasoline.

Here’s an example:

1. The price of gas is 6.0 pesos per liter.

2. 6 x 4 = 24

3. 24 x .9464 (94.64%) = 22.713

4. 22.713 ÷ 9.6 (9.6 pesos to $1) = $2.37

By the way, this same formula will also convert propane prices to dollars-per-gallon. When calculating propane by weight, however, allow two kilos per gallon.

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  1. El Codo says:

    I pressed the 94.64% edition of the formula because this figure is exactly the relationship of a U.S. quart to a liter. Good for gasoline conversions, liquid measurements in a kitchen or what have you. The 3.785 formula isn’t as universally handy.

  2. Carl Franz says:

    As I am definitely math challenged, I’ll take your word for it.

  3. El Codo says:

    Agh! I wasn’t trying to complicate it :-)

    Imagine having a vessel in your hand that is measured for one liter but you need a quart, a tad short of a liter would be a quart.

    Purely meant to try and simplify what the heck a liter means.

    Sorta like saying “your average 100 gram beef patty hamburger” (quarter-pounder) Mas o menos is good enough even though it’s supposed to be 112 grams to the quarter pound and I retort that it’s 112 grams before it’s cooked. Well heck, it works…

  4. CHuck says:

    Ok does anyone know how much is propane and do the fuel dock carry propane for boats, thanks.

  5. -El Coco- says:

    It would be very unusual to find LPG at a fuel dock or marina in Mexico. In fact I’ve never seen it. I’ve visited many marinas in Mexico.

    At the moment, LPG (Butane in the lowlands, Propane in the higher regions in winter) costs three dollars and change U.S. per gallon. Of course it is sold by the kilogram and paid for in pesos.

  6. churpa says:

    Right now prices are up to about $4.00 a gallon in Mexico.