Mexico Decapitation Tour

Hey gringos,
I spent last night in a truck stop in Culiacan, Sinaloa, home of the baddest Mexico drug cartels. I tossed a few ballenas with some camioneros there and asked ’em if they thought I would survive the night or were they gonna lop my head off and they chuckled over that. Obviously, I survived though and I really think I’m on to something. Now I’m headed for Juarez and then I think TJ and find me a truck stop there too, sort of the Worst of Mexico Tour, get it over with once and for all. What the Hell, I figure I’ve already seen the best, now I’ll visit the rest!
I’ll attach a photo of my favorite Mexican decapitee of all times- el Indio Alonzo, notorious bandito from Colima. Alonzo was apparently double-crossed by his se~nora.
Buen viaje!
Juan Olson

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  1. gparkins says:

    My wife and I and little dog are planning to drive to Mexico from Vancouver, BC, Canada in February, 2010. Having heard good things about various places, we’d like to hear more pros and cons about: Mazatlan, Lo de Marcos and San Patricia Melaque, or any other spot to spend a month or so.Thanks.
    Glenn Parkinson
    Powell River, BC, Canada

  2. John Olson says:

    Well Glenn I must say you are a brave fellow to follow where el Indio Alonzo lost his head, and bring the little lady too!. But seriously, you are talking about some tourist traps and I’m sure you will like ’em fine if you don’t mind being around hordes of gringos and Canadiences. At least you will speak their lingo. Maybe you will buy a timeshare too! Personally, I like to just drive through Mazatlan with nothing but a fuel stop. The cuota south from there is very nice, if pricey as hell. I’ve only been to Lo de Marcos for the hang gliding and it was nice. Melaque is so close to Bahia Tenacatita that I would stay there. As you might have gathered I like to get away from the maddening crowds, which is getting harder and harder on the left coast of Mexico.
    But wherever you go you will need some compelling reading so be sure and bring along the latest edition of The Peoples’ Guide and of course, my thrilling novels at
    Las Cruces