Mexico City News

Plans for Mexico City airport

Plans for the new airport look like a rave flyer. (Photo credit: Mexico’s Presidency)

Was just lurking over at Tony Burton’s always excellent Geo-Mexico, where I found two interesting pieces of Mexico City News:

The Big Enchilada is annexing 5500 hectares of land to expand Benito Juárez International Airport, which is operating at near capacity. The giant spider-shaped addition will be designed by Fernando Romero, a son-in-law of Carlos Slim. Peña Nieto says the new six runway airport will cost about $9.16 billion and Forbes predicts one of Slim’s companies will get the contract to build.

Pemex will be drilling to test Mexico City’s deep water aquifer, which may hold vast quantities of potable water. As CONAGUA has predicted serious water shortages in the valley of Mexico by 2030, a new source of fresh water is essential. But will the plan work? As Burton wrote in a previous post, “Mexico’s consideration of utilizing deep water aquifers runs counter to the prevailing wisdom in the US where it has long been argued that deep water aquifers will be too costly to utilize for fresh water, will never be used, and are therefore more useful as a repository for waste and can be intentionally polluted.”