Mexico Border Towns For Medications?

Carl and Lorena,

My husband and I are now currently pharmaceutically challenged. We are interested in your information about purchasing medicines from Mexico but have very little experience “across the border”. We are currently living in Texas and can get to Mexico at different border cities. After we get there is a different story, are there other people we can meet up with to give us advice about the process other than the information you shared on your website? How would we go about meeting with people who come to these towns for this purpose?
I thank you in advance for your words of wisdom.

Carl replies: I’m afraid that my “wisdom” isn’t going to be much help here as I’m not sure that I understand your question, Miki, especially the part about meeting other people who go into Mexico’s border towns to buy medications. Actually, the process is quite simple, since it basically means crossing the border into Mexico, visiting a doctor (if you need a prescription), and then going to a farmacia to purchase whatever medications the doctor has prescribed. (The ins-and-outs and legal details are well covered, I assume you know, in the articles on our main website, here: Buying Prescription Medicines In Mexico.)

Other than that, I’m not aware of any group or organization that might go into Mexico for the purpose you describe. Other readers might like to comment, however, so check back occasionally or subscribe to the comments on this post.

saludos, Carl Franz