Mexico Border Alert

This just in from the Associated Press.  When I read the warning to “stay away from prostitution and drug-dealing areas” I had to ask myself, “do we need the State Department” to figure that one out? 

Mexico travel alert


The U.S. State Department has renewed a travel advisory warning its citizens about an increase in violence along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The alert does not recommend staying away from the country or any particular part of it, but advises American to stay away from prostitution and drug-dealing areas.

It recommends visiting only legitimate business and tourist areas.

The alert issued Friday says violent crime is particularly worrisome along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read the full text of the advisory.

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  1. jeffob says:

    I would advice everyone to avoid Vancouver due to the current gang war and the countless shootings and murders. The Canadian gov’t should issue a warning to Mexicans and Americans to stay away.

  2. Salchi says:

    Jeff, you have got to be kidding….right?

    Stay away because of 15 recent drug related, as well as, gang related,(not a member of a gang are you Jeff) killings in a city of over 2 million people.

    I suggest you look at the murder statistics for drug related crimes for a city like Los Angles.
    I have not read any government warnings issued to stay away from that city or any other with similar drug related killings.

    FYI New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the United States and is the 3rd highest in the WORLD! Again, I’ve not heard of or seen any Gov’t. warnings to stay away from that city. As a matter of fact I have spent time there on several occasions and enjoyed Mardi Gras.

    It is statements like yours that help spread fear and fuel the paranoia that make all of us a little more of a prisoner in our own homes.

    Gary Campbell.

  3. dhensleigh says:

    I agree.
    Seems like what is written in the dailys characterizes the whole coumtry by what is going on in the backstreets of juarez. My take from visiting with locals there at length last week was that is safe than ever.