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Mexico with Mexican flag.

Viva Mexico!

At Mexico Retold, I stumbled across this is a fun quiz about the revolution of 1910 (I got 80%—clearly I need to brush up on my Obregon). However, I did even worse on Tony Burton’s current (typically difficult) geography quiz at Geo-Mexico. Luckily, this post on Mexico’s peace index definitely cheered me up.

Burton notes:

  • Mexico Peace Index finds that peace improved 7.4% in past two years
  • The two-year improvement in peace was primarily driven by a 30% decrease in organized crime
  • Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Yucatan have the most improved levels of peace in the past decade
  • Mexico has the greatest potential in the world to overcome its current levels of violence and build a more peaceful society, with a strong business environment and high levels of human capital
  • The eastern region of Mexico is the most peaceful; the northern region the least

According to the study, Campeche, Queretaro, Hidalgo, Yucatan and Baja California Sur are currently the most peaceful states in Mexico. The rest of Burton’s post is well worth reading, or if you’re feeling more ambitious, you can read the full 93-page Mexico Peace Index here. Meanwhile a writer for the Smithsonian supports my ongoing rant by noting that many parts of the US are more dangerous than Mexico, including, (not a surprise), Detroit, which has a murder rate three times higher than Mexico City’s. Also Orlando, Florida, has a murder rate three times higher than that of Puerto Vallarta and four times higher than that of Cancun. Furthermore, a Texan is statistically safer in Mexico than in Texas! These are some of the most decisive numbers I’ve seen to date.

But veering away from the subject of violence…this blog, My Dear Guadalajara, is making me wish I were in Mexico for the holiday season. I’m enjoying reading about Guadalajara from the perspective of someone who grew up there. Counting down the days till I’m in Jalisco…

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  1. Lorena says:

    This was fun Churpa. Tho as expected, I didn’t score as high as you ;-( And I probably guessed more than you.

    The Geo quiz lets you cheat, by giving you partial credit if you keep trying to you get the right answer. Tho the worst I did only took 4 tries.