Mexican Government Seizes Yachts?


Image of roll of red tape.

Red Tape

Associated Press reporters Mark Stevenson and Amy Taxin describe a recent sting operation on eight Mexican marinas. According to the AP, tax agents and marines descended to seize yachts that were lacking a necessary permit:

“After inspecting more than 1,600 vessels in late November, the Mexican government’s Treasury Department announced it had initiated seizure orders against 338 boats it accused of lacking a $70 permit. The office says it has four months to decide whether to release the boards or sell them at auction.”

The story is fairly high drama. To whit:

“Because authorities put no notices or chains on targeted boats, some foreigners in affected marinas are uncertain if their boats are on the impound list and fear their vessels might be seized if they tried to sail away even if they had paid the $70 tax.”

However, I checked with a source in the yachting community, who says,

“The story is being somewhat blown way out of proportion… This is more audit than seizure. No one has lost (or likely to lose) any yacht. It’s just paperwork and the marinas are fixing the problem quickly.”

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  1. Dobie says:

    Latitude 38, a free sailing mag out of the San Francisco Bay Area has excellent coverage of this issue as their catamaran Prolifigate is one of the embargoed boats in the Puerto Vallarta area. I don’t think the story was blown out of proportion. Sailors had friends and family visiting for the holidays and boats weren’t and still aren’t allowed to leave the dock. It’s insane as almost all of the seized boats have all the necessary papers and permits. Even the Mexican tourism dept. is aghast. This is being carried out by Hacienda – the Mexican IRS.

    For up-to-date info:

  2. churpa says:

    Good to get different perspectives on this issue. Thanks for the link.