Dissecting the Media Hysteria

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Jeff O’Brien directed my attention to the excellent article, Mexico Maligned. The author, Terry Denton, launches a convincing and comprehensive response to the U.S. media’s hysterical coverage of the the cartel violence. I particularly like this paragraph:

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that the media “has it in for Mexico”.  Not at all.  This is not another rant against media bias.  What I do maintain, however, is that in their insatiable thirst for the salacious, Mexico and its 112 million proud people are in the minds of the media – assuming they bother to think about such things at all – unfortunate collateral damage.  Just like the definition above, the media’s image of Mexico is blurred precisely because their focus is on one relatively small, admittedly ugly reality and thus falls woefully short of the retina of responsible reportage.”

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  1. Terry Denton says:

    Thanks for promoting this blog post. Be watching for my upcoming post on San Miguel de Allend.

    Warmest regards,

  2. -El Codo- says:

    Few things in life are as hard to deal with as a half-truth. They chortle that the “optimists” are clearly out of their mind when they state a glass of water to be half-full. Of course it is half empty. But an inarguable point is the glass may be twice as big as it needs to be.

    The media loves to dwell on distortion. How? Pundits rave about “Fifty Thousand Dead Since President Felipe Calderon Took Office” Cops and military versus sicarios (hit men). DRUG WAR!

    Oops, I guess it isn’t important that over 90% of the deaths and 100% of the atrocities are cartel versus cartel and cartel gunmen versus innocent civilians. That’s right -over ninety percent- Felipe Calderon or Hugo Chavez could be in Los Pinos and the gang members would still be killing each other. Vladamir Putin could be president and things would not change.

    Nor is it really “newsy” to print that huge polls and surveys reveal that more than eighty percent of the Mexican populace WANT the army and the marines to keep doing what they’re doing. Oh no! News says reporters have to go into tiny villages in the heart of cartel strongholds and ask people there what they think.

    Mexico got caught with her shorts down around her ankles. The easy-going top-to-bottom police and judicial corruption got blown away when bales of US dollars and muzzles of smuggled firearms began sweeping the country. It isn’t “newsy” that scores of federal US agents have been indicted in the last few years for bribery and smuggling. People who make with salary and benefits more than seventy thousand dollars a year are “immune”. Ssh! Let’s not talk about that. We have to concentrate on sewer Mexico.

    “Oh my god! We can’t possibly! No this can never happen! Discuss how truck and trailer loads of hundred dollar bills and firearms leave the US and don’t seem to get intercepted. Instead let’s concentrate on how all the drugs manage to enter the United States”.

    “If Drugs Were Made Legal Everything Would Be Fine”. Oh yeah, let’s do look at Prohibition. The amendment was repealed and Capone, and Segal, and Gotti threw their hands in the air and said “Oh Good Golly! It’s Back To Spinning Pizzas For A Living!”

    Each and every user in the United States has to determine for themselves, two things regarding the horror occurring in Mexico. First is, if what they pursue for recreation is funding all the death and misery south of the border and secondly, if they care. If they say “No” to the last question, may Allah help us all.

    Every ounce of pot, every bag of heroin, every line on the mirror requires money to purchase. If that money ends up in the hands of a Mexican cartel, it is the same thing as stuffing cash into an envelope and mailing it off to Al Qaeda. The media loves to deal with “effects”. The “cause” does not sell news.

    End of rant -El Codo-

  3. Someone once asked me why Mexicans had glass on top of the walls surrounding their places if it was so safe there? I said that most could not afford monitored home alarms like we have in Canada and the US.

  4. -El Codo- says:


    Wealthy Mexicans love the broken glass bit I guess. The people I rub elbows with seem to prefer a pair of Chihuahuas on the roof. Built in visual recognition system, highly developed audio and olfactory sensors. Modulated alert. The closer the object approaches the louder and more frequent the alarm. Weather resistant. Pays for itself over time with reproductions. Mexican Intelligénte, method of resolving a need.