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Gary writes:   Hello! I found you through a Google search today and was interested in dental work while on vacation in Mazatlan. I need to have 2 implants done on my lower left back teeth but cannot afford the charges from my local dentist. I have Delta Dental insurance but only $1300 left in coverage for this year.  Can you recommend a dentist for me to contact? I am flying down May 13th with my wife and sister….she also needs an implant done.  Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated! Carl replies:   The best information I can offer was published here earlier in reference to finding a doctor in Mazatlan by using the Mazatlan forums suggested in this post.


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  1. David Eidell says:

    Here’s a thought…

    If visiting a city like Mazatlan, which would have a large population of RV’ers during the winter "high season" grab a cab and ask the driver to deliver you to "Un parque para las casasrodantes" during the day. RV’ers tend to be gabby and helpful and I would bet that within a half-hour you would get a note-book full of advice and ideas never mind opinions about different dentists.

  2. Luciano says:

    Excellent piece of advice but there are noRV’ers this time of the year. They are all gone weeks ago. I have another option. Why don’t you write to This site in run by american people who have chosen Mazatlan as they permanent place to live. Once the page opens, look for their "Forum" on the left side of the page. By clicking here you  become a visitor  of  their "underground grapevine" where everyone is connected either for asking for services or to give you info or clues where you can get those services. Try it. It’s free. Don’t forget to write the usual http://www. before the address.

  3. Francis Newland says:

    Looking for english speaking Dentist in Mazatlan

  4. Rebecca Carney says:

    We will be arriving in Mazatlan this coming week, March 26 or 27. My husband needs an implant, root canal….etc.

  5. Dentist says:

    I had a toothache while visiting Mazatlan. The dentist I saw was professional and better than most US dentists. Thanks Guys.

  6. I will be in Mazatlan on 10-11-09 and will be staying until 10-18-09. I have three bottom teeth that was filled in Neuvo Progresso by Dr. Ceaser Acbrrea. I think they are numbered 22,23,24. He filled in where my gums were receeding. Please advise the cost and when you could see me.

  7. I really need an appointment snf directions.
    We will be vacationing at Puebelo Bonito Emarld Bay. Tell me the best transportation to take.

  8. Marceline billis says:

    I would like to find a not to expensive Dentist in Mazatlan. Best day is 21 Nov 2009.Any suggestions are very welcome