Mazatlan Community?


Mazatlan's Beautiful Historic District

Mazatlan’s Beautiful Historic District

A reader named Jerry is interested in retiring to Mazatlan. His  house is on the market, and when it sells he plans on spending a month in Mazatlan to check it out. If any of our Mazatlan readers want to reach out with info about rentals, recommended online communities, or life in Mazatlan, drop us a line!

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  1. Sharl says:

    Hi Churpa,
    Small world! My husband got his MPA at Evergreen State College. We lived over on the peninsula in Wash. State, started coming to Mazatlan 10-12 yrs ago, fell in love with it. He retired in ’06 and I retired in ’07. Finally we sold our house in June of 2013 and moved to this beautiful city last Aug. We love it here.
    Jerry: if you have never been to Mazatlan, don’t make the decision to move here permanently until you’ve stayed at least 3 mos. At a time. I recommend living in Centro if you want an active & social lifestyle. So many things to do! The summer is proving to be quite wicked. The humidity is way up there. I also suggest to rent here, not buy. If you rent and for some reason it doesn’t work out within the neighborhood, landlord or what have you…you just move! Owning a house…. It’s hard to sell it and you’re stuck. Not to mention going thru all the legal hassles of buying. If you’d like more insight into Mazatlan you may private email us. Also check out MazInfo ,WhatsupMaz,mazatlanlife Mazmycity,just to name a few sites. good luck and enjoy this beautiful city, Mazatlan!

  2. churpa says:

    Funny! I lived in Oly for years, and then in Seattle for another eight years. Thanks for the sound advice. I agree 100%. Also thanks for reading and writing in!

  3. churpa says:

    I posted a link to this post on our facebook page, and got the following response from Lin:
    “Mazatlan is one of the “easy” places to retire to. It has all the facilities, a very large English-speaking community, Beyond that, it is the only Mexican beach resort with an old-world style cultural center, including an opera house. The only drawback would be the hot tropical summers. There is a huge difference between living downtown (the area pictured above) and the “gringo ghettos” north of the tourist trap section, so you have a wide variety of choice in what living in Maz is really like. You could even live a Gilligan life over on “Stone Island”. Like any retirement place in Mexico, it should take some looking into. Go there in summer. Look around. Talk to people. There are some tips on relocating in this post.…/plan-your-mexico-move…”

  4. churpa says:

    The link above just leads to the blog. Here’s the correct link for more good advice from Lin Robinson: