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The convenience and independence offered by having your own vehicle far outweighs the disadvantages. Public transportation will take you just about anywhere in Mexico, but if you have a yen to really get out and explore, driving is the way to go.

Mexico has tens of thousands of miles of secondary roads and countless unpublicized, off-the beaten-track attractions. Quiet little hotels, locals-only restaurants, eco-sanctuaries and hidden beaches are just some of the rewards that can be found by driving your own car. As convenient and cheap as bus travel may be, it also tends to steer you onto an urban trip.

Traveling with children and pets is much easier in the family car. Other advantages include spreading transportation costs among three or more people, and the possibility of extended camping trips. If you’re tempted by Mexico’s amazing crafts–and who isn’t?–Lorena has proven that three tons of pottery, weavings and wood carvings can be packed into a remarkably small space.