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hey guys i just read that article on basaseachic water fall. where is it exactly? any information would be appreciated. Lake Chapala Real Estate you can get back to me there …. thank you very much.

Carl replies:  Since this is your first post here I’m going to try to avoid being cranky but…. as I said in my post about using the forums, that is the place to post your questions — and that is the place where you can expect me to “get back to you”.  Sorry, but I just don’t have the time or energy to track you down at another website.  The reason this blog and forums exist, in fact, is so that I can easily respond to questions here, on my own website. 

OK, so I did get cranky after all.  :)   But, please take the time to read about using the forum, post your questions there and last but not least, please do sign your post with a name, even if it isn’t your real one.  

saludos!  Carl

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