A Good Choice for Mexican Auto Insurance?

An '87 Dodge Van in Mexico with palm trees.

Miss Lousiane, our ’87 Dodge van, is a big fan of Lewis and Lewis

Thanks once again to our faithful sponsors, Lewis and Lewis Insurance. To an answer a recurring question: yes, you do need Mexican car insurance.  Lewis and Lewis is a sponsor because we’ve had good experiences with the company. Lewis and Lewis is underwritten by Qualitas, the largest insurer of autos in Mexico. Adjusters are dispatched from Mexico City via GPS to the insured location. The response time is between 20 and 30 minutes.

Here’s a few other benefits. The first is pretty amazing.

Your Lewis and Lewis Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance coverage automatically includes International Air Medical transportation in an Air Ambulance in the event you contract an illness or suffer an accident.  This coverage is underwritten by GRUPO AUSA and the full text of this coverage and terms will be sent to you when you order the Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance policy renewal.

Receive $30 for referring a new Client to Lewis and Lewis for a 30 day; 90 day; 6 month or Annual Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance policy.  Contact our office by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail and request the “Receive $30 for Referring a new Client to Lewis and Lewis application.” Complete your information on the application and pass it on to your friend who is not a current Client of Lewis and Lewis.  When we receive the application and process the policy Lewis and Lewis will send you our check for $30.

10% Multi-Car Discount will be applied if we find you insure other tourist vehicles with similar policy dates.

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Just a note. I have seen Lewis & Lewis in action, and their contacts in Tijuana Qualitas are on a first name basis. I hate to use the word “aggressive” because it sounds unfriendly. But if an insured gets into hot water this is the company they want behind them. Disclaimer – I have zero connection to either Qualitas or Lewis & Lewis. I merely like things that work like they’re supposed to.

  2. churpa says:

    Thanks, Codo. We had good experiences with Lewis and Lewis long before they became our official sponsors…