Lewis and Lewis Policy

Looking for a reputable insurance agency for your trip to Mexico? Lewis and Lewis have updated their offerings. Read more here. Lewis and Lewis are long-time sponsors of The People’s Guide to Mexico, but we endorsed their services long before establishing a more formal relationship. An old Mexico travel brochure with ttitle "Mexico in your own Car" and picture of church with agave.

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  1. -EL CODO- says:

    In Mexico, fender-benders are one thing, accidents with injuries quite another. Mexico can be a world-leader in bureaucratic red-tape. Drivers are held until absolute guarantee of proof of financial reparations are in the hands of authorities. Sadly even a valid insurance policy is not recognized. It takes an aggressive adjuster bond in-hand attorney in tow to unsnarl legal restraints on the release of the driver. As they say “the proof is in the pudding” and this company has a track record to be proud of. I am fussy almost neurotic about having an aggressive insurer not put me on a back burner while things would be sorted out. If someone bashes into me causing injury I wish to get out of police custody in hours, not days. Sort of a brutal reality but I am not a fan of fairy tales – hence these comments.

  2. Felisa Rogers says:

    Thanks, Codo! Anyone who knows you knows that your endorsement is not to be taken lightly!