Letter from a Reader: Monte Alban Guide?


Traveler and guide stand in front of Monte Alban ruin.

Billy and guide

S writes:

I am departing for Oaxaca in March. I would like to hire the charming guide you had in Oaxaca to show us around.  Can you please send me  Señor Diez contact information?  I would love to have such a local “ruin ” be our guide.

I am just starting to travel and I wonder what a proper amount for a day of guiding is?  If you could suggest it would be helpful.

Kaki answers:

Our guide’s name was Netzahualcoyotl (Hungry Coyote) Jimenez Diaz and is licensed by Monte Alban. I suggest asking for him at the entrance. He charged $10 each for the hour and a half tour; maybe you could negotiate a group rate (he had a big group when we left).

 Churpa suggests:

In these situations a tip is also appropriate. If I liked the tour, I would probably tip an additional 50 pesos.