La Mosca

La Mosca fixes his nets. Photo by Tina Rosa.

I thought I’d counter my previous depressing post on Tenacatita with this picture of our old friend La Mosca, fixing his fishing net at his new restaurant out at the boca, where the Rio Purificacion meets the Pacific. There’s no safe swim spots nearby, but the Ocean is stunning and I have a feeling Cuca’s cooking is as good as ever. Best chiles rellenos in the world. My sainted mother reports that our friend Chely also has a great little restaurant out there. They need your business and you need a plate of camarones al mojo de ajo. Take Highway 200 to the Tenacatita turn-off. Drive almost to Tenacatita (still gated) and then follow signs on your right for the road that will take you out to the Ocean beach.