Kindle edition: The Peoples Guide to Mexico


PeoplesGuideMexico14Cover-2A reader writes:

Hello Carl and Lorena,

I just wanted to tell you both that “The People’s Guide to Mexico” has long been my favorite book. I have two different print editions and have just purchased the just published Kindle edition. My wife Karen and I have only been to Tijuana, but we both love Mexican food and it is also my very favorite. We have eaten in Mexican restaurants of varying authenticity all over the USA (I am from Georgia and Karen, from Belfast, Northern Ireland), in Tijuana, in the UK (where we live), and also in Jersey, Ireland, France, Cyprus, Malta, the Canary Islands and Canada.

Although our travel in Mexico has only been limited to just Tijuana, I have experienced and still do experience great pleasure in reading of your travels, adventures and escapades there. I find so much of the information very valuable and useful in everyday life, especially the many great recipes!! I also have a treasured second-hand copy of your other great book, “The On and Off the Road Cookbook”, too.

I just wanted to say thank you both for the great times your books have brought to my life and still do. And finally, as you mention in your memorial to your late, great friend and fellow traveler, Steve Rogers, that he said: “Be grateful for everyday you wake up healthy”, that I can certainly relate to this, as I lost both my mother and my grandmother to cancer in less than three years …..

Again, I thank you both and may God bless you always. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year in 2013.


Mike Davidson