Kids; Made in Mexico and brought from Mexico

For years we tried unsuccessfully to have children. Our doctor at the time kept prescribing different colored pills and was totally freaked at our suggestion that perhaps we should take our Mexican friend’s advice to go see a curandera, or natual healing person.
When we showed up the following winter still not embarasada (pregnant), our family in Mexico had had enough, and before we knew it, we were at Dona Marias house and the ‘cure’ was on.
Dona Maria sent Tacho and I off to the forest, the market and to and indigenous pueblo to collect such things as damiana, sexogil, coyote, te de manzanilla and some other stuff we never really did know how to pronounce. This was all mixed up into a warm beverage to be taken as a prescribed application and in conjunction with three 45 min. massage treatments with a day between to recover, we were sent on our way with a smile, blessings and a stern reminder to bring our baby for her to see when we were back next year.
As encouraging as she was, after all we’d been through we were hopeful, but reserved.
Yep.. you guessed it! Baby girl! Our Canadian Dr. wouldn’t belive it.
Lucky? Hardly! We tried to have another child, but couldn’t, so we went to Dona Maria again and… betcha!..number two!
No chickens were sacrificed…no hocus-pocus…and as Carl Franz says in PGM: it didn’t take place in “a bat filled cave”, but in her living room. Only two ladies and my wife were allowed in the room.
That’s how we built our family..But wait..we’re going to need a babysitter!
So, we brought a couple our ‘family’s’ children to British Columbia for a few years of reality NOB.
As you may very well imagine, our extended family is something we cherish and continue to build upon.
I miss them all when I’m away. Hopefully not away much longer.

Alan Armstrong

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