Joe Queenan is a Smug Bastard


Mexico_Flag_Map.svgI’m assuming this guy doesn’t travel to major U.S. cities either?

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    I’ll ask this question very very slowly and with as few Syl-la-Bles as poss-i-ble so old Joe Queenan can keep up…

    HOW MANY TRAVELERS (yes it’s a hard word) HAVE BEEN MURDERED (another toughie) THIS YEAR IN MÉXICO?

    How many travelers have been murdered in those alternative places you recommend rather than méxico?

    Yeah, I know it means counting, but you’re allowed to use all your fingers and toes for the second question.

  2. -El Codo- says:

    One Last Jab…

    Ninety nine point point nine percent of visitors new to México tend to remark to fellow travelers “What violence? We have gone all over and yes we heard a siren, an ambulance went by. We heard loud popping but it wasn’t gunfire, it was a fiesta of some kind”. The other one tenth of one percent may say “We saw army trucks go by. We were worried”.

    In the heart of “La Familia” territory (now Los Caballeros Templarios) living for YEARS, day and night, going to Lazaro Cardenas, Patzcuaro, Morelia, driving up Mex 57D, and Mex 15D, not once, not during the evenings in all the hotels, did I hear anything suspicious like a gun shot.

    I can go to San Francisco, or Oakland, or Los Angeles, and not hear a gun shot, yet read about late night violence in newspapers the next day.

    May the heavens protect me from being awakened in my hammock by a clap of thunder!

  3. The Canadian gentleman shot nine times in the head in Culiacan who had a large sum of money and several passports was later reported, albeit barely, to be a member of the United Nations gang from Canada. Canadians media outlets love to report Canadian deaths but seldom follow up with information that may clarify things but which cast Canadians in a bad light. Canadians who are murdered, as opposed to have been killed in accidents, seems to be the norm. Some of the other incidents are so baffling as to not be clear cut. The naked woman found beaten in an elevator in a posh Mazatlan hotel while her husband slept – muy bizarre. The couple who’s room was invaded and the man shot in the head while the women took a grazing round to the foot and was left to make a statement. The couple who was murdered in their room, both throats slashed. These aren’t crimes committed IMHO by sneak thieves. People go to Mexico to do dirty business and Canadians are no exception.

  4. I’ve been to Monterrey half a dozen times since 2009 and while the violence has spiked big time, I have yet to have a single problem or see anything other than more uniforms than usual. People that live there will definitely seem something eventually (I know someone who has been caught up in THREE public shootings and had to duck for cover) but the casual tourist who uses common sense would be hard pressed to see any dangerous events. It’s all numbers, if you play one often enough it will hit but the casual player could go on for ages and not see it drawn.