Jenny Hannah Roche's Mexico Stash

Mexican bingo cards on wall


Girl floats in water wearing black vintage bathing suit.

Tenacatita Waters

On my most recent trip to Mexico, I was lucky enough to have photographer Jenny Hannah Roche in tow. Roche camped with us near Tenacatita and was able to document significant local events such as the umpteenth annual Coco Open coconut golf tournament and a trip to Mosca and Cuca’s for fresh caught huachinango. With the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy shop, Jenny was typically exclaiming in delight, or crouching to shoot, or running off to check out some possible angle. It’s always a pleasure to travel with someone who is excited to be in Mexico, and she directs my eye to corners of the world I might otherwise have missed. Her pictures will be popping up here on the website, but you can check out the whole stash here. Roche is a Portland, Ore, based photographer typically focuses on posed, narrative-based shoots like this coolness, but we think maybe she should look into a career in travel photography.

A small Mexican church with festive Mexican banners

El Rebalsito


El Rebalsito

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  1. Tina Rosa says:

    Nice plug for Jenny’s work….so glad to have been gifted a photo shoot by her for my birthday!

  2. -El Codo- says:

    Highly gifted individual. Love the one with the open door!

    I stopped having birthdays. The cakes became so large to hold tantito velas that lighting one off would cost me 10,000 carbon credits.