Is the media hysterical?

The expat blogosphere is enraged by the U.S. State Department’s updated travel warning and the subsequent stateside media coverage.  At The Truth About Mexico, John Scherber makes some interesting points about American media coverage of Mexican violence: “Imagine that every day the Méxican media brought out reports on the two or three highest crime areas in the U.S., and by repeating the stories again and again, created the effect of looking in ten mirrors at once.

Scherber’s exploration of potential reasons for the slant of media coverage is thoughtful, and I look forward to reading more from him on this subject. My own thought is that the media ends up ignoring other stories in order to endlessly beat the same subjects to death because:

a) fear sells.

b) editors have a strange reticence to publish stories that are unrelated to subjects already on the popular radar.

(Scherber is the author of San Miguel de Allende: a Place in the Heart, a book we lavish with praise in the upcoming 14th edition of The People’s Guide to Mexico.)



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  1. "Cabo Bob" says:

    It really is shameful. I recently moved to Tijuana. (From Isla Mujeres, no less, how’s THAT for nuts?) and people keep asking me “Aren’t you afraid there?” I say, “As opposed to where? Detroit? East St. Lewis? Compton?”
    I say, “They haven’t started shooting old gringos yet” and ask them if they have heard of tourists being killed, rather than criminals and corrupt cops.
    Sometimes I think of the page your could put together documenting horrendous violence and rip-offs in the USA. Or UK, for that matter.
    The tourist economy in Tijuana is in ruins, reduced to a tenth of it’s former income. And, whereas I don’t usually go along with so many Mexicans who try to blame all their problems on the US, in this case it’s hard to see any other way. They require passports to walk across the line and back, plaster the net with danger warnings, and create hours and hours of wait to get back.
    Then complain about illegal immigration.