I'm back… I think?

I apologize for the long absence but 2009 was a chaotic year for me.  As you may have noticed, the long-awaited discussion forums have been totally trashed by spam, so I’ll probably just pull the plug on those and concentrate, hopefully, on keeping this blog more up-to-date.



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  1. I just ran across your website and I’m reading some of the articles. Nice! Thank you for being there for us “Gringos” contemplating a move south of the border!

    I speak a little Spanish already, but I just enrolled in a beginning class at the local college that will end in mid-December. I would then like to go down to Centro de Idiomas in Mazatlan for a month for the total immersion experience. At that time, I would also like to look around, talk to the locals, find a place to rent furnished by the month and maybe start with a Mexican Attorney to get my FM-3 started.

    My question is…

    I have X-number of dollars in the bank which would give me an income of $3,000 a month for years. I understand I could “live like a King” for that with rent, utilities, a maid, groceries and cable TV & DSL maybe for my computer. I am highly adaptable and can adjust my comfort level. Can I live near the beach with access to a swimming pool and have my expenses above handled for $2,000 a month? I would like to go to a movie and eat out once or twice a week too. I would need my apartment to be FURNISHED.

    What do you think?

    A Mexican Attorney to start the FM-3 process… Know of anyone trustworthy?

    I know that one person’s comfort level may be unacceptable to another, but hopefully I’ve given you something more than just something “vague” to go on.

    My email address is: tenstar@live.com

    Eagerly awaiting your reply,

    Thank you,

    Steven Graham