How to Get to Ex Hacienda Los Remedios

A pool of warm water at a desert hot spring in Mexico.

1. Take Highway 49 (libre) from Ciudad Jimenez, Chihuahua toward Gomez Palacio.

2. After about 70 kilometers, you’ll see a cemetery on your left. Just before the cemetery is a dirt road and a battered sign that reads Ex Hacienda Los Remedios. Turn left onto the dirt road. (If you come to the town of Escalon, you’ve gone a k or two too far.)

3. Follow the dirt road toward two buttes in the distance. You will cross an overpass over the toll road. You will pass many startled cows. You will probably pass a few ranchers who will wonder what the hell you are doing out there. With any luck, you will not pass Javier Bardem. All told, you will drive about 7 miles.

4. Make a left at the abandoned hacienda, and follow the extremely rutted road to the gates of the hot spring.


On our visit there were no functional bathroom facilities. For 30 pesos per person (2.40 USD), who can complain?

The hot springs are extremely clean, and have a steady flow of water.

When we camped at the hot springs, we were the only visitors.

The pool in the cave is the hottest, about the temperature of a good bath.

I have a feeling there is more to explore in this area–next time we hope to stay for a day or two…

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  1. Jason Martin says:

    I really appreciate this article, I wanted to go there, and now I know I can get there by car, which makes things a lot easier for me, thanks!


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