Hotels in San Sebastian, Mascota & Talpa?

Dear Carl & Lorena,
Just read your info on your trip to San Sebastian, Mascota & Talpa. We have been to Mascota (by bus) & loved it. This February are planning on going to all 3 places. Could you please tell us what Hotel you stayed at in Talpa?
Thanks & happy New year,
Emma Brooks

Carl replies:  Hello Emma

Lorena and I haven’t stayed in a hotel in Talpa — and even if we had, I doubt that I’d remember which one after so many years.  When choosing a hotel, Lorena and I look for whatever is cheap and clean — you can read more on this subject in our book.

Have a great trip!

Lorena adds: I have just moved the story that Emma refers to, San Sebastian, Mascota & Talpa, (written by Karen Kulik, not Carl and me)over from the old PG website to our new website and blog.

Emma, we look forward to hearing about your trip.