Historical Photo of the Week: Trotsky in Mexico








Trotsky with American labor activist Harry De Boer and James H. Bartlett and their spouses in Mexico, April, 1940. I have been unable to locate the names of the women or any info on Bartlett. Trotsky had been living in Mexico since 1936, and on the lam since 1929. Four months after this picture was taken, he was assassinated in Coyoacán, where Ramón Mercader, acting on Stalin’s orders, killed him with an ice pick.


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  1. -El Codo- says:

    Some may infer from the use of the word “Ice Pick” in the murder of Trostsky, that a simple picahielo (yeah, the sharpened rod with wooden handle) was used.

    Ooooooo, that wasn’t the case. The actual weapon was gruesome…