Historical Photo of the Week: On the Road with Steve Rogers

family in van

Churpa Rosa Rogers, Steve Rogers, and Tina Rosa

Our friend Tia just sent me this stellar photo. This pretty much sums up my childhood growing up in a van down by the river. This particular van was named Zebu, after the white humped back cows you sometimes see along Mexican roadsides. I (the toothy child) am sitting on my bed, an oblong plywood box that doubled as a storage compartment. Note the sweet roof rack, the sacred cooler in the foreground, the lucky “God’s eye” hanging from the rear view mirror, and Steve’s awesome combo of tye-dye and tiki style Hawaiian shirt.  Not sure exactly when or where this picture was taken, but I’m guessing Northern California, circa 1986 or ’87, and, judging from our expressions, we’re heading south…

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    What a beautiful photo. It captures the “magic” perfectly.

    • -El Codo- says:

      I’ll bet three cocteles de camarones a la diabla (Steve’s Favorite) that the distinguished editors achieves the same exact expression on her face when she knows she is about ready to depart for México, again.

  2. Lorena says:

    Great picture of all of you. Captures the joy of On The Road Again. Thanks for sharing

  3. Dobie says:

    Wonderful photo. Brings back memories…..

    • sandra kleinman says:

      i worked briefly with your mom, tina rosa, at the welfare department in the l960’s in new york city. i have fond memories of her. nyc works for me 50 yrs. later. also colorful.