Historical Photo of the Week: Hammock Time

Helping me in my campaign to prove that the hammock is a glamorous accessory… (Photo courtesy of the New York Public Library’s digital collection.)

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  1. -el codo- says:


    My custom made silk hammock from Yucatan, destroyed. Gigantic. Expensive (a hundred thirty dollars thirty years ago). It’s been twenty years and it’s memory still brings tears. For sleeping in tropical humidity the hammock, pabellon, and cheesecloth sheet (and pillowcase) was nirvana to me. A pillowcase made of five layers of cheesecloth is one way to beat headsweats.

  2. Tina Rosa says:

    If I looked like that in a hammock, I’d never get out!

  3. Julie Daniel says:

    I treasure the hammock you and Abigail bought me from your trip long ago. Now I’ve seen that photo, I shall strive to look a sultry sixty when I lounge in it.

    • churpa says:

      I’m sure that will be no problem for you…God, that was 14 years ago that we made that trip! Viva Yucatecan hammocks!

  4. Lorena says:

    Sigh, life is seriously deficient in hammock time these days

  5. -el codo- says:

    Someone was convinced utterly they needed it worse than I did. Curious when I returned from market my gringo neighbors had left along with my hammock. I had never made contact with them and their camp was 200 meters distant. Some brand new Fleetwood Mac albums also took a hike.