Historical Image of the Week: The Occupation of Mexico City

First published in 1850, this lithograph depicts the US Army occupying the zocalo in Mexico City’s Centro Historico. The image was originally published in The Mexican War and its warriors : comprising a complete history of all the operations of the American armies in the Mexico . . . illustrated with numerous engravings. Image courtesy of NYPL digital collections.

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  1. -el codo- says:

    As a service veteran I believe I have the right to ask if the US Marine Corp anthem may have aged to the point where certain lyrics could be changed and be less sensitive to Mexico.

    The opening stanza “From The Halls Of Montezuma” could be exchanged for something a hell of a lot more commendable and reflective of the Marine Corps.

    “From The Hills of Iwo Jima”

    There! After thirty years I finally wrote it down in public. Let’s hope I do not catch too much flack for saying it.

    I’ll never forget what happened when president Harry S Truman laid a commemorative wreath beside the memorial for Los Heroes Niños in Chapultepec Castle. Mexico has never been an “enemy” of the USA (competitor, yes).

    OK, I’m finished…