Hiking In Mexico: Where?

Congradulation for that site, it is very nice !!  My name is Simon and i am a french Canadian who study in united states.

In between march 25 and april 6 i am going to spend 1 week in Mexico.
My question is : I am looking for a Hike, for a couple of days ( not 10 days, it’s too long) and i was wondering if you would be able to guide me on my research..I don’t want to do a hike with escalade stuff, but only getting the top of a montain, to get a challenge. i would appreciate it a lot !!  Gracias, have a good day.


Carl replies: I’m glad you enjoy the website, Simon, and I hope it proves useful for you.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to help you on short notice without having more information on your plans.  For example — where do you plan to go in Mexico?  Imagine if I asked you, “where can I hike in Canada?” Mexico is huge and the possibilities are almost endless.

Having said that, since you’ll be leaving soon I suggest that you search for information using Google.  If you are going to Oaxaca, for example, do a search for “Oaxaca hike camp trail”.  I’d also try a good Mexico forum, such as Lonely Planet’s ThornTree.

Next time, give me more time and a lot more information and I’ll try to be more specific.

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  1. Susan Woldt says:

    Hi Carl and Lorena, I just got your book and am very excited to see Mexico and wanted to ask your advice on a tour company.  I’d like to see the Colonial Heartland to begin with and wanted to know if you could recommend a tour company as my daughters really don’t want me to travel alone on my first trip to Mexico.  I admit I’d probably find it pretty intimidating, too, so any suggestions you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and best wishes, Susan

  2. Carl says:

    Hello Susan,We have a Mexican friend who leads small group tours — I’ll ask her for recommendations and then let you know.  If you don’t hear from me within a couple of weeks, please remind me via this email address:2 m e x i c o (at) peoplesguide.comsaludos, Carl