Hello Again!

Hippies party near van in Mexico.

The original beach party days…

Sorry for the radio silence folks. We have been updating the site in the hopes of making it more mobile friendly. Definitely still a work in progress. At the moment I am going through every single image we’ve ever posted to tinker with annoying minutiae. Fun times! So if you come across any broken links in the next few days, please forgive me…Also, if you notice ways that the site is not mobile friendly, please email me at managing_editor@peoplesguide.com. Also stay tuned for my upcoming dispatches from Mexico, where Lorena, my sainted mother, and I will be attending a reunion beach party with various notables of People’s Guide history, including many folks from our original publisher, JMP.

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  1. dobie says:

    Glad you’re back – been missing your great blogs. Looking forward to seeing you this winter!

  2. Fred says:

    Been needing my “PEEP’S Guide” fix, hope ya’ll are well. Vamos a la playa,Viajeros!

  3. churpa says:

    Aww shucks…Thanks guys. Will get to regular posting soon! And can’t wait to see you in Mexico!

  4. Saben quanto ѕale un hotel cerca de aqui?