Good Food in Mexico City


Mexico_Flag_Map.svg_All my favorite restaurants in Mexico City are taquerias, diners, pubs, or juice stands, but this looks and sounds amazing and Rich and I may have to class it up for a night this January!

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    One of my favorites…huazontles!

    “Recommended for the non-carnivorous are the huazontles capeados, the stuffed amaranth greens in their tomato caldo given pizzazz by a fresh goat cheese. It almost goes without saying that products are local and even organic when possible.”

    Fork some into the mouth and then pull the stems back out much like stripping an artichoke leaf. I love huazontles with “tuba” fermented palm sap beverage, with a handful of peanuts floating on top! I’m a cretin – I prefer crumbled Queso Cotija sprinkled on huazontles. And this dish isn’t “weird” either — I’ve introduced utter new to México dinner guests to huazontles and they raved about the dish. Not spicy picante. The tuba went over too well, I practically had to use a moving dolly to roll them out to the car. Tuba is about as potent as wine.

    Churpa, I am envious! If you’re rolling down to la enchilada grandote through the bajio look for young men standing on the shoulder of the highway with assorted jugs and bottles at their feet. They’re selling “Agua Miel” agave syrup and it too goes very well with genuine Aztec fare. Minus the buzz. Pre Hispanic alcoholic drinks tended to be brutal. I suspect the Aztecs got their potential sacrifice victims roaring drunk the night before and in the early light of dawn they begged to have their hearts cut out rather than face “la cruda” from hell.

  2. churpa says:

    Hahah. You’re giving me ideas for a post, as I have also been reading a book called “Alcohol in Ancient Mexico” by Henry Bruman. Even though I am a total carnivore, I thought that the author’s description of the huazontles sounded particularly delightful…

  3. Jeff O'Brien says:

    Sanbornes in the house of the blue tile