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  1. Doe Green says:

    We were hoping to spend 2006 in Mexico on sabbatical. Have just been informed there is no category for FM3 for us. Either 6 month limit, or somehow show that we are ‘retiring’ there.
    Do you have any experience of this? We will begin in Oaxaca. What might be best documentation to bring to convince them to let us stay?

  2. Carl says:


    Sorry for the very tardy reply but… if you compare the cost and time spent getting an FM3 with the time-and-cost of doing a “border run” and quick turnaround with a fresh FMT (tourist card), you’ll probably go for the FMT.

    Then again… there are immigration consultants who will do the paperwork for your FM3 for a reasonable fee. We were too busy to do it ourselves and were quite pleased with the service.

    Look in the local gringo library in Oaxaca, and on bulletin boards, or ask around. I don’t think it will be difficult to locate someone.