Gangs of San Miguel

        You can tell by the turquoise earrings that she’s in a gang….

I’m afraid I’m a little late to the gang on this one, but Richard Lander’s send-up of expats, Gangs of San Miguel, is cracking me up. I especially loved the part about naming your second home, which can be found in the “Gang Requirements” section.

“Another rule of house naming is to never say the name of your house into English even if you know the name. Once you say the word in English then the spell will be gone and it will sound a bit silly. Telling people you live in the Nest House or the House of Birds or the House of Pomegranates or the Little House of Songbird. Oh yes Joe and I live in the House of Small Parrots …”

Highly recommended if you’ve ever survived life in San Miguel de Allende. (Said with all due love and devotion for the town…) I’ve recommending it to my sainted mother now. The blog, not life in San Miguel.

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  1. -el codo- says:


    “Su propósito es que nunca debería revelar una dirección Una vez sostuve de “La casa al lado del Pino”?

    The house did not have an address. Even the electrical bills were addressed to “La Casa al Lado del Pino

    I asked the beer distributor to drop off a case of mineral water.

    “Where is your casa?”

    “La Casa al Lado del Pino”

    Twenty minutes later the truck pulled up.

    In my current village three quarters of the street signs are marked solely with


    Sin Nombre. Without Name

  2. Lorena says:

    This is a fun blog you found Churpa.