Fury over Tenacatita beach takeover | Guadalajara Reporter

Foreigners – perhaps as many as 40, mainly Americans and Canadians – who purchased beachfront land in Tenacatita are outraged by the actions of wealthy Guadalajara businessman Andres Villalobos, who, with the support of dozens of armed Jalisco state police officers, has appropriated their properties, even though many have legal titles held in bank trusts.

Villalobos, who obtained a court order to carry out the eviction of around 50 low-income families, has vowed to demolish every standing structure in a 80-hectare tract of land bordering Tenacatita beach, regardless whether they are legally titled to others. State police and employees of Villalobos’ company, Inmobiliaria Rodenas, have blocked the road to the beach and are keeping everyone off the land.

This very detailed article about the Tenacatita debacle should be required reading for anyone considering the purchase or lease of Mexican ejido property.

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  1. El Codo says:

    Sounds grim. This individual sounds like he has all the marbles and Tenacatita will be solely for the exclusive use of people who are used to snapping their fingers for service.

    Like what Frank Lorenzo did to Eastern Airlines, this sounds like a prototype model for other slathering-at-the-mouth land grabbers to shortly follow suit. I can see the rest of the bay following suit. Something tells me this calibre of individual has no idea whatsoever as to what is likely to happen to Mexico’s economy in 2011…vamos a ver.

  2. Esteban says:

    Mexico’s economy is in much better shape than the USA economy. The Bolsa has done MUCH better than the US stock market, more than 90 percent of Mexicans own their homes outright and when the US was looking for countries to buy bonds, Mexico bought and is making money on the USA’s misfortune. I don’t see any down side to Mexico’s economy in 2011. Not only that, more and more gringos are seeing that Mexico is a good place to live. The health care system is expanding in Mexico and is becoming a better alternative than Thailand where the politics are not even close to stable. Not to speak of Mexicos incredibly cheaper dental care. All in all, the future looks bright for Mexico.

    The land grabbers may have legs to stand on depending on how the historical paperwork plays out in the weird ass justice system there. If you haven’t been involved in it (I have been involved) it would boggle your mind. This could take many many years to sort out. However, as we all know, the big money on the coast from Alaska to Chile is not giving up. When I was living south of San Blas a few years ago, I could see the encroaching happening on almost a weekly basis. It’s all moving from Puerto Vallarta up north and to the south.
    No one will be able to stop it.

    and if you look at the details of the land grab, it’s possible he does have a leg to stand on.