"Footloose in Mexico"


img058Speaking of “The Mexico Issue”, I just stumbled across an old Mexico issue of “The Saturday Review”. I particularly enjoyed this article, written in the days where Mexico City was a big place with a population of three million, Cuernavaca was a “small town,” cars were rare on the roads, and the average American reader had never eaten a tortilla.

I wish I could have seen Mexico in 1951, but I do feel fortunate to have grown up amongst the fading vestiges of Old Mexico–burros as a mode of transportation, towns where the one TV was a social beacon, and little old flower ladies who remembered the revolution. Got any great stories or memories of Old Mexico? Send them our way.

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  1. Jaimetown says:

    Another great article, Churpa! I especially enjoyed the little sidebar by the professor of Spanish complaining about ‘Mexican-American’ slang. Growing up near the border, I learned a lot of Spanglish, or Tex-Mex, or whatever you want to call it. It still surprises me to see how much of it has become an accepted part of the venacular. I actually saw a sign hanging in front of an elementary school here in Denver advertising free lunches for the children who enroll in summer school that read “Lonches gratis”. Another one I hear frequently is ‘watchale’ which basically means anything from ‘watch out’ to ‘check out the pretty girl’.