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Two Huichol families—the Bautistas from Jalisco and the Ortiz from Nayarit—spent 9,000 hours adhering more than two million beads to the exterior of a 1990 Volkswagen Beetle. The car is called the Vochol. Yes, that’s a combination of “Vocho” a and “Huichol.” Though I’m pretty sure the guy in the Smithsonian video is wrong when he says that “vocho” is a Huichol word!

note: images courtesy of Museo de Arte Popular

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  1. -El Codo- says:

    An earlier model done up spectacularly like this vochito would have caused a sensation parked outside the Fillmore or Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco in the late 60’s. What a monumental effort. I hope they preserve it carefully – it deserves all the TLC it can get! A treat for the eyes!

  2. Carl Franz says:

    This is not only an amazing folk art masterwork but a good warning to those of you tempted to experiment with peyote. Look what it could lead to! By the way, according to wikipedia the term “vocho” came into use in the 80’s. For the entire history of the Mexican beetle, read this: