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I am interested in finding a doctor in Mazatlan that will help me plan and acquire HGH. I need to do something about my weight and many folks tell me that HGH can help if taken correctly. I will be in Mazatlan at the end of March and the beginning of April and would like to make a doctors appointment. Can you make a recommendation?

Thanks, J.W.

Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide

Mexico: Health and Safety Travel Guide

Carl replies: I have two suggestions for you: first, consider buying a copy of the book, Mexico Health & Safety Travel Guide by Robert and Curtis Page. The authors have interviewed physicians throughout Mexico and give full details on how to contact a doctor, their specialty, etc. I’ve looked the book over and am quite impressed by their research — and it gets five stars by reader reviewers at This book would probably be my first choice if I were in your shoes.

My second suggestion will be familiar to other readers who have asked me to recommend dentists and doctors in Mexico — take the time to participate in an online discussion forum and ask for a recommendation from a local resident, someone who is far more knowledgeable than me. The two Mazatlan discussion groups I’m most familiar with are and

If you do find a good doctor, I’m sure others would appreciate it if you’d come back here and pass the information on by commenting on this post.

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  1. David Eidell says:

    Hi J.W.
    HGH is shorthand for “Human Growth Hormone”. This is a genetically engineered drug that was and is spcifically targeted at young children that have failed to reach certain goals growth wise as far as pediatricians are concerned.

    Manufacturers such as “GenenTech” strictly regulate the distribution of Human Gwowth Hormone to Institutions that have been certified by the FDA and DEA. Doctors beneath such umbrella institutions use federal credentials in order to obtain “HGH” for treatment purposes.

    Human Growth Hormone shipped to Mexico is done under similar conditions using SSA the Sector Salud Administration as the umbrella organization. In a word, HGH in Mexico is just as tightly conrolled as it is in the USA. A prescription is needed from a federally registered doctor spcializing in pediatrics, Rx’s are issued and retained by the pharmaceutical distribution network in Mexico as the medicine will never see retail shelves.

    Once again folks, Mexico has changed drastically in the last 20 years as far as many medicines are concerned. The days of strolling up to a farmacia window and casually drawling “Three flasks of Valium, and a kilo of Hillybilly Heroin por favor” have disappeared with the Dodo bird.

    Just for the hell of it I priced a box of twenty, 10-milligram Roche Valium tablets this last week. One hundred eighty seven pesos, a little less than a dollar a tablet.

    Rumors suggest that HGH on the “Black Market” cost as much as two-thousand dollars per injection world-wide. I doubt whether you will find many physicians in Mexico even wishing to discuss an unapproved use for it.

    The ONLY genuine, proven effective treatment for severe obesity is to have an operation in which the stomach is partially stapled to decrease its capacity.

    Best Of Luck,


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