Excellent Images of San Judas de Tadeo

Ever since I discovered San Judas de Tadeo, I’ve become obsessed. Turns out he’s everywhere. On closer inspection, half the Jesuses (sp?) in Mexico are actually San Judas de Tadeo. In fact, I got home to Oregon and discovered that I had a San Judas candle in my house that I’d never even noticed…So, imagine my delight in this amazing cache of photographs  of San Judas devotees in Mexico City. (The photographer is Keith Dannemiller and his other stuff is great too.)

I swear this is the exact same couple we spotted in the park in Mexico City.    Photos by Keith Dannemiller (used with permission from artist)



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  1. Jana Stephens says:

    Seems to me that St. Jude often has a flame on his head but always has a huge thing that looks like a round medal on his chest. There’s a life-size statue of him in el D.F. a few blocks north of the cathedral in that busy shopping area. The statue faces a life-size Sta. Muerte, which is right outside a store, and is all dressed up in a long, formal dress (that gets changed to a new dress from time to time). I always wonder if St. Jude ‘went up’ in retaliation for the Sta. Muerte…or has he ‘always’ been there?